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Optel Launches Fast Series

Optel's Fast Series products are preconfigured to enable existing pharmaceutical packaging lines to meet compliance, fast. They are the perfect solution to meet tight regulation deadlines - plus, they are easy to operate and require only minimal training. To offer products delivered in matter of weeks, we have expanded our production facilities and developed a streamlined, dedicated manufacturing process specifically for Fast Series units.


Engineering solutions through innovations

Optel’s proven engineering approach delivers very effective, state-of-the-art solutions─on time and on budget.


Dedicated team

We understand the challenges of implementing serialization and aggregation on existing packaging lines, regardless of their configuration. Our proven engineering approach delivers reliable, customer-specific, yet cost-effective solutions. Our focus is on maintaining the performance of your packaging lines and your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Our more than 50 dedicated engineers develop the most effective solutions for your particular manufacturing set-up.


Let us help you to find the right solution.