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Preconfigured Track & Trace products, delivered in as little as 6 weeks.

Fast Compliance

Optel Vision's Fast Series products are preconfigured to enable existing pharmaceutical packaging lines to meet compliance fast. Delivered in as little as six weeks, they are the perfect solution to tight regulation deadlines ─ plus, they are easy to operate and require only minimal training.

Highest Standards of Performance

As a competitive CMO or pharmaceutical company, you need to accommodate a multitude of packaging types, sizes and configurations. Optel Vision's Fast Series units were specifically created with that in mind and allow for various product sizes, speeds and print locations ─ with minimal downtime for optimal productivity and performance.

Scalable as You Grow

Optel Vision's Fast Series is also designed to be scalable, which will allow you to build on these units in the future, as your serialization operations expand. We understand that modifying your process can be challenging and, to overcome this challenge, we have leveraged all the experience we've gained through the integration of thousands of serialization projects around the world. Our Fast Series incorporates all this know-how to provide you with all the necessary features to scale up your serialized production and therefore maintain and generate additional revenues when you're ready.

Regulation-Ready with a Wealth of Benefits

Every Optel Vision Fast Series unit features a simple and convenient user interface with clear operational instructions. And with the Open SiteMaster™ software solution, you can control the entire serialization and aggregation process. Adapting to your specific business logic, OSM can handle all the data exchanges required between the various lines, allowing you to better manage all your data and reporting.

FastSeries Products ─ What’s Included?

  • Hardware and software, as described in each product’s technical specifications (see downloads for details)
  • IQ/OQ documentation
  • Operator manual
  • Integration and on-site training

Optel Vision’s FastSeries Products

170224_MPS_IMG_v01_01 copie
Manual Print Station™

This ultra-compact and fully autonomous carton serialization unit is designed to handle a wide range of carton sizes to ensure accurate serialization and aggregation.

Designed for: Cartons, cases and pallets
Performs: Serialization and aggregation
Requires: One operator
Delivery Time: 6 weeks

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170223_PackStation_FMP_v01 copie

PackStation™ FMP

The PackStation™ FMP is a complete manual packing station used to scan and aggregate any packaging level.

Designed for: Bottles, cartons, bundles, cases or pallets
Performs: Serialization and aggregation
Requires: One operator
Delivery Time: 6 weeks

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170223_PackStation_SAP_v01 copie

PackStation™ SAP

The PackStation™ SAP is a semi-automated packing station for verification of codes and aggregation into single-layer or multi-layer cases.

Designed for: Cartons, bottles, bundles, cases or pallets
Performs: Serialization and aggregation
Requires: One operator
Delivery Time: 6 weeks

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170301_Rendu_IMG_Fixe_OLT_v02_02 copie
Offline LabelTracker™

This portable unit allows for offline label inspections, verification and commissioning.

Designed for: Labels on bottles, cases, bundles or pallets
Performs: Serialization
Requires: One operator
Delivery Time: 12 weeks (dependant on some external components)

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170223_CLTracker_IMG_v01_01 copie

CLTracker TE™

The CLTracker TE™ is an automated carton label serialization unit ─ with tamper-evident feature ─ that can be integrated into most carton labelers, regardless of carton size, speed or print location.

Designed for: Cartons
Performs: Serialization
Requires: No operators; fully automated unit
Delivery Time: 20 weeks (to enable integration with your machine supplier)

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