• TabletProof™
  • CountSafe™
  • BlisterSafe™
  • VialSafe™
  • PharmaProof™ - Bottle
  • PharmaProof™ - Carton
  • TrackSafe™

Products Features for Packaging Line Inspection


All our products are developed with you and your packaging line requirements in mind, with simplicity and productivity.

Available features on all our system:

  • Simple operation with dedicated software for each application
  • Foolproof operation, designed for safety and security
  • Fail safe product tracking, specific for each application
  • Standardized HMI and operation on all solutions with our standardized product architecture
  • Precise inspection results with over 60 robust and scalable vision tools
  • Secured system meeting 21 CFR Part 11 pharmaceutical requirements
  • Users traceability with audit and batch trail
  • Line optimization tools with complete statistics and reporting
  • Simplified line setup with a line master station for central recipes management
  • Interface capability to SCADA ERP, line equipped with OPC and other standard protocols
  • Centralized device management with line devices controls such as printers, bar code reader, etc.
  • Automated line setup with connectivity to ERP/MES
  • Industrial and GMP brackets including enclosure design
  • Customized ejection and accumulation stations
  • Adapted operation user manual for your solution
  • Validation protocols meeting FDA standards