Corporate Overview


Optel Vision Corporate Office in Quebec City, Canada




Bringing technologies to pharmaceutical packaging equipment worldwide to ensure the safety of our customers' products and the longevity of their business.





For over two decades, hundreds of pharmaceutical companies around the globe have trusted Optel Vision’s highly reliable automated vision systems to significantly reduce health risks associated with mislabeled products, dosage errors and product mix-ups.

With Optel Vision, the industry not only benefits from our extensive experience in packaging line inspection and serialization systems, but also with our unmatched passion for innovation. Optel Vision’s dedicated teams have developed a unique online serialization application to improve the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s ability to reduce counterfeiting and further enhance patient safety.  Optel Vision’s continuous investment in researching new cutting edge technologies guarantees that our customers receive the most innovative solutions to meet their challenging needs.

The success of the implementation of package inspection and serialization systems cannot be compromised, as these solutions will have a significant impact on the operation and the efficiency of the manufacturing lines. With this in mind, we developed our solution as a single source supplier for pharmaceutical companies packaging inspection in order to meet the serialization requirements.  Our development, manufacturing, project management and integration teams work with you to deliver reliable and profitable solutions.

Optel Vision is regularly selected as a corporate supplier by several Fortune 500 companies specifically because of our ability to effectively deliver a turnkey solution worldwide.

Our vision solution's guarantee of success is founded on our strong project-oriented processes, based on GAMP guidelines, which ensures we meet all requirements within the shortest deployment time and deliver a validation-ready system.


With our aggressive R&D investments, our vision inspection tools have defined new standards on packaging lines, such as:

  • Optical Character Verification PLUS (OCV/OCR) of lot numbers and expiry dates;
  • CIE-Lab color verification of tablets in blister packs or during the manufacturing process;
  • 360 degrees inspection of bottles, vials and tablets.
  • Processing speed, reaching over 30 megapixels analysis per second
  • Standard software platform for multiple applications
  • Support any type and resolution of camera from Giga-Ethernet to Ultra-High Resolution
  • Full RFID controls on the packaging line, from labels to pallets
  • Highly configurable serialization stations that control a huge range of devices (printer, bar code scanner, etc) and connects to any serial number manager.


Optel Vision's tailor-made turnkey solutions are inspecting and serializing products in more than 20 countries.