Track and Trace for Pharmaceutical Industry

In today’s world, Track and Trace for pharmaceutical industry is becoming the new standard.  Tracking and Tracing in pharma can be very simple and fast if done properly.  To do so, pharmaceutical companies and contract packers need to understand what is required in term of regulations and give themselves enough time to properly plan their project

Optel Vision’s Track and Trace service offering – TrackSafe, gives an ultimate track and trace system that meets and surpasses the current serialization legislation and is also very flexible to adapt to all upcoming regulations.  This versatility can be achieved, using Optel Vision latest camera and IT technology with a proven and tested serialization system.  This Track and Trace solution also has the possibility to store serialized data in the cloud meaning no IT infrastructure is required.  Also with an extensive list of features and partners, this Track and Trace can be deployed easily and quickly.


Below is a typical serialization line set-up that can be achieved, using Optel Vision Track and Trace serialization for pharma.