Track and Trace for Packaging Line


Within the Optel Vision Track and Trace architecture, TrackSafe™, every line is equipped with one LineMaster™ system and one or more PharmaProof™ systems. These two platforms are based on the same hardware which consists of a PC with a HMI (touch screen) and one or more IO boards that are dedicated to critical tasks on the conveyor or the machine.


PharmaProof™ is the premier Optel Vision legacy inspection system.  Now supplemented with advanced serialization features such as EPC verification and aggregation inspections. Each PharmaProof™ instance can be considered as a slave to a local LineMaster™ system where serial number observations and verifications are reported. Each PharmaProof™ instance tracks products on the line and controls localized hardware such as cameras, handling devices and RFID readers.


Fundamentally, LineMaster™ systems create, manage and log EPCIS aggregation and object event data into a local database as items are encoded, commissioned, decommissioned and destroyed. Once a given production batch or lot has ended, the aforementioned event data is transferred to the Track and Trace platform for inter-operation with Warehouse, DC systems, ERPs and other EPCIS compliant systems.


In addition, the batch run is configured in the LineMaster™ either manually or by pulling data down from the plant ERP.  Recipe selection, lot, expiration date, etc. all of these parameters and more can now be configured from a single point and sent to each PharmaProof™ instance. So, for example, when an expiration date is sent from LineMaster to a PharmaProof™ instance, that instance will automatically instruct every printer, encoder and inspection node to both encode and verify that expiration date.

Serialization Demonstration Videos


Packaging Line




  • Solutions for carton, bottle and pouch

  • Ergonomic Interfaces

  • Advanced product tracking

  • Serial number cache at line level

  • Issue number in EPC and GS1 format

  • GS1-EPC global compliant


  • Simple deployment

  • Expandability

  • Extensive vision background

  • Modularity

  • cGMP and GAMP practices

  • Industry standards