Bottle Serialization

On a bottling line, if the bottle is the smallest unit of sales, every label requires a unique serial number.

Customers will benefit from Optel Vision's two decades of experience integrating our PharmaProof™ vision and control systems on all types of labelers.  This system handles the verification of the serial number and it’s commissioning.  Datamatrix grading and any other verification such as OCV on Lot & Expiration, label presence and placement, outsert verification, etc.


This is a unique opportunity to increase your quality and compliance with labeling regulations while improving your line efficiency by obtaining a leaner operation.

If your line has equipment that meets item level serialization requirements, the TrackSafe™ LineMaster™ can be connected to any system that support OPC or EPCIS standards by Ethernet link.  In order to facilitate the tracking of a bottle going into a secondary package as bundle or case, it may be required to print a temporary unique identifier on the cap or bottom to facilitate the recognition to determine which bottle goes into the secondary package.


This temporary bottle identifier is linked to the label serial number inside the labeler or within a dedicated association station as the Optel Vision BottleTracker™.  This unit can be retrofitted directly on your existing equipment or supplied as a roll in stand-alone station.


Bottle Level Serialization     Benefits
  • Bottle label coder control
  • Real time serial number feeding to coder
  • Interface with existing scanners
  • Integration of new scanners / verifiers
  • Re-insertion zone management
  • Product tracking and ejection
  • Alarm control
  • RFID capability


  • Cap/bottom coder control
  • Temporary identifier code verification
  • 360 degree label EPC reading station
  • Association bottle identifier and label EPC

  • Complete product tracking and status
  • Log history file
  • Increased quality updated inspection
  • Possibility to use existing devices
  • Smooth integration with retro-fit expert
  • Turnkey installation



  • Simplify product tracking
  • Brite stocking capability
  • Allow simple and accurate aggregation
  • Avoid line downtime when line jams
  • Possibility of stand-alone setup