Carton Serialization

Serialized Datamatrix print quality is critical to allowing the products traceability from the plant to pharmacy.  Considering carton quality variability and different formats, it is important to ensure the on-line print process meets print quality requirements and flexibility.

If your line is already equipped with proper carton handling devices, our PharmaProof™ line solution will handle the print verification, bar code grading and serial number commissioning.

In case your line does not allow precise carton printing, Optel Vision offers the roll in stand-alone high precision CartonTracker™ station which will:

  • Pre-position and hold carton perfectly
  • Print the Datamatrix and human-readable codes
  • Verify and grade the printed information
  • Eject faulty carton

In addition, the CartonTracker™ includes all the PharmaProof™ verification tools and can also handle:

  • Carton and leaflet ID verification
  • Components verification
  • Tamper evident presence and placement
Carton Level Serialization     Benefits
  • Carton handling device
  • Print batch information (Lot, Exp, etc)
  • Print serial number (Datamatrix)
  • Flexible printing and camera head positioning
  • Laser, inkjet and HP Coder supported
  • Datamatrix verification and grading
  • Carton tracking and ejection
  • Alarm control
  • Tool-less changeover
  • Servo motor bottom/top belt control
  • Speed of up to 400 PPM
  • Compact and mobile machine
  • RFID capability
  • Addition of any other inspection

  • Quality print (batch info and serial data)
  • Stand-alone station
  • Replaces embossed information
  • Implement Lot and Expiration 100% verification
  • Implement components ID verification
  • Tamper evident verification
  • Turnkey installation
  • Short implementation time
  • Compliance and increased quality