Case Aggregation

When cartons, bottles and bundles are placed in a case, it is required to identify which items are packed together in order to build the parent/child relationship (aggregation), which allows tracing back of which items are in which cases.

It is strongly recommended to read the aggregation once the case is filled to obtain the most robust, simple and precise solution.  If it is impossible to scan the case items prior to the case closing, a scanning device and tracking software will need to be integrated into the case packer.  With our extended retro-fit experience on various kinds of case packers, Optel Vision can propose the appropriate solution to maintain your machines highest efficiency.

If RFID is used at the bundle and case levels, Optel Vision offers a compact RFID tunnel that will identify all bundles in a closed case, and linking the case serial number with all the items contained in the enclosed bundles


Case Aggregation Station     Benefits
  • Configurable scanning head
  • RFID capability
  • Case label printer control
  • Redundant datamatrix reading
  • Specific case packer solution
  • Tracking software
  • Ejection devices

  • Best reading efficiency
  • Expertise on any type of case packer
  • Turnkey solution