Most packaging lines have manual packaging operations from the bundle level.  In these cases, one or more operators are placing bundles or boxes in a case, and putting cases on a pallet.  As aggregation information is required at the case and sometimes up to the pallet level, the packing operator will need to record the serial numbers of each item they put in the parent package.


The Optel Vision TrackSafe™ was designed to keep in consideration :

  • No increase in operation cost* by interfacing with the most adapted scanning technologies

  • No line speed is decreased by having efficient HMI and SOP

  • Avoid aggregation errors by verifying the packing operation is in real-time

*On some lines, automatic labeling for case or bundle may be suggested.


The TrackSafe™ Manual packing module allows: 


  • Manual scanning of individual bottle, carton, bundle, case

  • Special aggregation reading station for bundle with top and bottom identification of all items

  • Special aggregation reading station for single layer case with top identification of all items

  • Print, reprint of case and pallet labels

  • Destruction of bottle, carton, bundle and case

  • Control of predetermined quantity of items in parent package

  • Special authorization request for the end of batch package


Manual Packing / Rework Station     Benefits
  • Configurable scanning station
  • RFID capability
  • Label printer control
  • Visual status of all EPC
  • Visual status of all aggregation data
  • Edition of EPC status
  • QA sampling
  • Support multi-operator packing
  • Dedicated HMI for packing operation
  • Secure and controlled operation
  • Simple operation