Track and Trace with RFID

As Track and Trace with RFID might not be considered at the item level due its unit cost, serialization using RFID at the bundle and case levels serves many objectives during the aggregation acquisition and warehouse Track and Trace operations.

The Optel Vision Track and Trace technology, TrackSafe™, supports RFID encoding from item to pallet level including the turnkey delivery of all encoding and decoding setup as a labeler web antenna, bundle and case aggregation tunnel, bundle, case and pallet RFID label coding, and manual RFID scanning station.  As a turnkey supplier, Optel Vision Track and Trace system will help you select the appropriate tags and antennas for your products.


RFID module     Benefits
  • Item level encoding and verification
  • Ejection of faulty tag
  • Bundle, case, pallet label encoding
  • Aggregation tunnel
  • Consultative approach for tag selection
  • Transparent operation
  • Precise aggregation
  • Scanning through closed case
  • Improved warehouse management