Track and Trace Strategy Planning


Optel Vision is offering a complete planning service to help companies prepare for Track and Trace.

With the help of experienced industry partners, our Track and Trace strategy planning is very thorough. You will receive a gap analysis study, the infrastructure planning, the execution planning and all current requirements necessary to bring your corporation up to speed for serialization. We will also define the real serialization owners in your organization and you will receive a detailed report on what to do first and which location(s) will begin implementation in priority. This process will ensure that all your money used in Track and Trace is spent the correct way, no losses.

We have more then 20 years in this industry, across all infrastructures level from the packaging line to the warehouse and IT. Our team of experts will assess the lines, sites EPCIS and warehouse end-to-end all in a turnkey solution.  

Don't wait, get this competitive advantage and start planning now.