BlisterSafe™ - Blister Verification


With its unique illumination and vision algorithm, the BlisterSafe™ can be installed on any heat formed or cold formed blister packaging machine and can inspect up to 1,000 blister packs per minute for the following:


  • Precise color and shape verification
  • Broken tablets
  • Missing tablets
  • Misplaced or extra tablets
  • Double side inspection with double color tablet correlation
  • Foreign objects
  • 100% print verification on lidding
  • ISO/IEC bar code grading (RSS14, Datamatrix or other)

The Optel Vision BlisterSafe™ provides verification of tablets and capsules on any forming material used on blister packaging lines and increases overall line efficiency through reducing downtime, false-rejects, and rework. The Optel Vision BlisterSafe can also increase line accuracy and quality assurance to help avoid costly recalls.


The Optel Vision BlisterSafe™ distinguishes colored tablets and capsules even in similar colored blisters.  The automated vision inspection solution is even able to inspect white tablets on a white background.


The Optel Vision BlisterSafe™ provides on-line inspection and verification of all printing information including: linear, serialized, and 2D bar codes, lot numbers, expiration dates, and DIN/NDCs on highly reflective or embossed foil.  The automated inspection system performs on-line grading of linear, serialized and 2D bar codes according to ISO/IEC standards. The system includes a configurable Print Quality Verification tool which monitors the fluctuations in print quality. The Optel Vision BlisterSafe has the flexibility to conduct on-line lidding inspection and verification prior to or after sealing.


The solution includes the advanced software technology for handling all cutting matrices and blister tracking.