TabletProof™ 360˚ - Tablet Inspection


The Optel Vision TabletProof™ 360° is a revolutionary vision system that offers pharmaceutical manufacturers a simultaneous 360° inspection of each and every pill, tablet or gel capsule.  This innovative inspection is achieved using Optel Vision’s camera and software combined with Aylward’s patented product handling technology.


Tablet manufacturers and contract packers greatly benefit from the TabletProof™ 360° as this high end vision inspection system can serve for multiple types of tablets or capsules.  This system is versatile and can be used in all aspects of production.

Optel Vision TabletProof™ 360°, is a high performance inspection system that ensures every single tablet or capsule is inspected while product integrity and quality control is maintained.  A precision ejection system allows each defective product to be discarded without interruption.  Running at speeds of up to 120,000 products per hour, TabletProof™ 360° reduces downtime and rework; thereby increasing quality and avoiding recalls.

System Features

  • Simultaneous 360° Inspection of Capsules, Tablets or Gelatin Capsules
  • Portable unit for multi-line capability
  • Shape and size verification (up to 2%)
  • Color Verification with CIELab Color Space
  • Print inspection with OCV
  • Variable speed
  • 100% production inspection

With the Optel Vision TabletProof™ 360° installed on your manufacturing line, you improve your quality assurance, and in doing so you increase your customer’s safety.