TabletProof™ Print - Tablet Print Verification

The TabletProof™ - Print ensures 100% proper tablet identification.  This solution will increase your product quality and reduce dispensing errors while increasing machine efficiency.

This high speed and precise inspection system works on any type of tablet printer and will check for:

  • Print presence
  • Print accuracy
  • Print quality
  • Print position
  • Rogue tablets or capsules
  • Broken tablets

This vision solution reduces the risk of cross-contamination and erroneous printed information.  It allows the user to monitor the tablet printer's efficiency with stability.

It will verify any type of print on any colored tablet at speeds of up to 100,000 products per hour.  It features three levels of print quality control verification, from a full OCV tool to only detecting print presence.  All defective products will be automatically ejected from the line with the supplied ejection station.  Inspection statistics are computed and updated in real-time and batch reports are available.

The TabletProof™ - Print can be installed on any new or existing pad, drum, ramp feed printer as well as any existing line with minimal downtime.