VialSafe™ - Versatile Vial Inspection

The Optel Vision VialSafe™ will inspect each visible part of a glass container to ensure the safety of your package by reducing the risks of cross-contamination, presence of glass chips and unsealed vials. You will also benefits from the ability of doing bright stocking.

The on-line inspection of up to 1000 vials or ampoules per minute include the following detection and verification :

  • Chipped vial
  • Color bands on ampoule
  • Fill level
  • Rubber stopper
  • 360 degree crimp integrity
  • 360 degree code and Data matrix reading on crimp
  • Flip-off colour and Data Matrix
  • Label verification for lot number & expiration date, label ID or color
  • Label presence and placement


The simultaneous 360° OCV crimp inspection ensures that the correct information is printed on the crimp each and every time. The crimp inspection tool verifies presence, placement and integrity. The revolutionary code verification offers preset advanced vision tools, including: image unwrapping, image stitching, OCV, and datamatrix reading.